Brian Roark's  other academic activities

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Selected Grants Patents
  • Generating output for presentation in response to user interface input, where the input and/or the output include chatspeak.
    (pending, with Nicole Quah, Bryan Horling, Maryam Garrett and Richard Sproat). Application #20170337184.
  • Enhanced maximum entropy models.
    (with Fadi Biadsy). U.S. Patent Number 9,412,365.
  • Rapid serial presentation communication systems and methods
    (pending, with Deniz Erdogmus, Melanie Fried-Oken, Jan van Santen and Misha Pavel). Application #20100280403.
  • System and method for using meta-data dependent language modeling for automatic speech recognition
    (with Michiel Bacchiani). U.S. Patent Number 7,752,046.
  • System and method of using meta-data in speech processing
    (with Michiel Bacchiani, Sameer Maskey and Richard Sproat). U.S. Patent Number 7,996,224.