Brian Roark's current and former students and post-docs, and course syllabi

Students (current and former), student visitors and post-docs:
  • Ebru Arisoy, visiting student, March-Dec. 2007.   Went to IBM after PhD.  Now Assistant Professor at MEF University, Istanbul.
  • Russ Beckley, PhD student, 2010-2015.  Now at Ernst & Young.
  • Steven Bedrick, post-doc (jointly advised with Richard Sproat), Feb. 2011 - Feb. 2013.  Now Assistant Professor at OHSU.
  • Nathan Bodenstab, Ph.D. 2012. Now Research Scientist Manager at Nuance.
  • Yongshun Chen, MS, 2011.
  • Erinç Dikici, visiting student from Bogazici University, Oct.2012 - Jan.2013.  Now Speech Scientist at SAIL LABS Technology, Vienna.
  • Aaron Dunlop, Ph.D. 2014.  Research Scientist at Intel, 2014-2016.  Now Senior Research Scientist at Nuance.
  • Seeger Fisher, PhD student, 2004-2011.
  • Andrew Fowler, PhD student, 2011-current.  Software Engineer at Google, 2015-2018.  Now Senior Researcher at Nuance.
  • Kristy Hollingshead, Ph.D. 2010. Post-doc at UMD, 2010-2012. At DoD, 2012-2014. Now Research Scientist at Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC).
  • Youngjun Kim, MS 2008.  Became PhD student at University of Utah with Ellen Riloff, now a post-doc at the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • Meg Mitchell, regular visiting student 2010-2012, while a Ph.D. student at University of Aberdeen. Post-doc at JHU CoE, 2012-13.
    Researcher at Microsoft Research, 2013-2016. Now Senior Research Scientist at Google.
  • Christian Monson, post-doc, Dec. 2008 - Nov. 2010. Research Scientist at Nuance 2010-2013.  Now Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon.
  • Eric Morley, PhD 2016.  Senior Data Scientist at RedOwl Analytics, 2015-2016.  At Goldman Sachs, 2016-2018.  Now Software Engineer at Google.
  • Emily T. Prud'hommeaux, Ph.D. 2012. Post-doc at University of Rochester, 2013-14. Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014-2018.
    Now Assistant Professor at Boston College.
  • Mahsa Yarmohammadi, Ph.D. 2016 (successfully defended, May 2016).   Software Architect at Intel, 2015-2017.  Now post-doc at Johns Hopkins University.

Course syllabi from last time taught:     course pages at CSLU